Still Waiting For A Month To Know Results Of Executed Promotions?

Business Problem

It is very important to know the actual results of the promotions before investing in the same promotions in future. Traditionally CPG manufacturers require 1-2 months of time to know the results of the executed promotions because of multiple POS data providers, different data granularity and data types. This will results in significant losses of trade spend.


  • Long delay in getting results of promotions due to different data sources, granularity and types.
  • Lack of accurate insights on the promotions executed.
  • Challenges in planning promotions in real time.

The SpendO Way

  1. Rich library of built in connectors for all major POS data providers like Nielsen, IRI and major TPM tools like CAS,ACTPM, Enterprise etc.
  2. Supports all major data formats.
  3. Built in algorithm to align Promotion – sell out data.
  4. Automated data harmonization component which harmonizes data in few hours.
  5. Cloud hosted solution which can be accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Measuring Impact

  • Turnaround time to know the performance of executed promotions and actions in future promotions reduced from 6-8 weeks to 1 day.
  • Significant change in ROI and Gross margin.
  • Planners learn from past results and use these learnings to improve planning accuracy.
  • Planners use actions in the future promotions and correct the promotion plan by making informed decisions.