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Understanding SpendO

The AI Enabled Marketing Enabler

SpendO is your go-to-platform for measuring promotion effectiveness. It intelligently aligns PoS and Promotions data, leveraging AI to learn what clicked and what didn’t.
Ongoing campaigns or earlier promotions, SpendO’s analysis at the most granular level captures even the slightest of variation, taking all the factors into account. It goes one step ahead with depth and frequency recommendations for each promoted product eyeing their better promotion performance.

SpendO, SpendO TPO
SpendO, SpendO TPO

Promotion Differentiator

AI Support At Every Spend

SpendO answers 5 critical business questions which bother every promotional planner!
Manual decision making for endless scenarios can introduce unwanted bias and may conflict the goal.
Learn more on how to make most of every promotional event by getting assistance from cutting edge AI developed exclusively for the CPG industry.

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Avenues Of Services

Mapping Promotions End To End

SpendO, SpendO TPO

PRE-Event Analytics

  • Promotion planning
  • Baseline Analysis
  • Retailer Analysis
  • Weak Promotion Analysis
  • Planning Change Analysis
  • Promo Clash Analysis
SpendO, SpendO TPO


  • Sale Volume Prediction
  • Planning Assistance
  • Promotion Optimization
  • What IF analysis
  • Baseline Prediction
  • Actual Vs Prediction Vs Forecast
SpendO, SpendO TPO
SpendO, SpendO TPO

POST-Event Analytics

  • POS Data Harmonization
  • POST Promotion Summary
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Promotion Details
  • Actual Vs Forecast

Engagement Model

SpendO, SpendO TPO

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SpendO, SpendO TPO

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The Saama Trade Spend Analytics solution provides our Customer and Category user community with responsive data and actionable insights regarding our trade spend and discount effectiveness. The Saama solution also gives us a clear picture of projected trade promotion results for future periods. This solution enables us to improve the accuracy of our financial forecasts and take action regarding trade promotions which may yield undesired results.

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