Data Management through

Business Problem

PEA system gets the data from TPM system. By using that data, PEA calculates all required metrics.

What if planning / POS measures are not as per requisite after data processed by PEA system?

Real World Scenario:

While looking at reports, Alice has realized that Cost of Goods for my product provided by the system was inaccurate for Point Of Sales promotions data, due to which numbers are not looking right to me. Is there a way to change the Cost of Goods which would change to real view?

The SpendO Way

Usually business revises the prices of products from time to time and it may take a long cycle for the new prices to get reflected into the system. Hence a feature which helps them to directly input this and make it visible across all systems is desirable.

Workbench makes this task exceptionally easy by providing a single window interface to perform any such changes.

SpendO provides ability to key business users to change measures in the system and re-calculate other dependent promotion metrics.

Measuring Impact

  • SpendO provides a platform for the planners to change, measure and re-process all the affected promotions.
  • They can now change the incorrect input values from POS data dynamically with ease.
  • Also, database can be updated swiftly from the front end without long cycles of ETL.
  • Workbench facilitates dynamic recalculation of all relevant metrics to visualize the real effect of promotion based on new values.
  • Planners can now keep a track of historic changes to analyze the POS data anomalies trend to take corrective action.