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Groceryshop (15 – 18 September 2019), Las Vegas

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, Groceryshop (15 – 18 September 2019), Las Vegas
, Groceryshop (15 – 18 September 2019), Las Vegas

GROCERYSHOP, LAS VEGAS, NV – (Sept 15, 2019) – Saama Analytics, a division of Saama Technologies, today unveiled version 5 of its Spend Optimisation solution, SpendO, which allows CPG/Retail companies to increase incremental sales and improve forecast accuracy via optimised product discount (trade) promotions. Version 5 of SpendO features advanced Machine Learning via AutoML capability and enhancements to its Natural Language interface to simplify delivery of analytic insights to Product/Retail Managers and Finance. These features, along with its powerful Business Rule management facility, enable detection of bad discounting practices by Product and Retailer geography.

“Consumer Goods companies are now able to more rapidly respond to changing retail conditions through smarter discounting programs. With the integration of AutoML, the SpendO solution is able to dynamically adjust its recommendations for more effective trade investment scenario planning.” said George Shemas, VP of Consumer Goods solutions at Saama Analytics. “Version 5 detects weaknesses in future period price discount plans and actively alerts planners to specific problems and provides recommendations for optimised results. This allows pricing planners to make adjustments to drive higher incremental Sales and Gross Profit with improved accuracy.”

“We are very excited about the results SpendO version 5 will deliver to our clients in the consumer goods/retail space.” adds Amar Phate, SpendO Product Manager. “Version 5 as well extends functionality into the SalesforceTM environment via Lighting technology where retail customer/market data is often managed. This is a big plus for CPG/retail companies using Salesforce to manage customer data.”

About Saama Analytics
Saama Analytics has been on the forefront of data innovation for the last two decades and continues to offer cutting-edge data analytics solutions powered with big data, cloud, and AI/ML aptitudes for its customers in multiple industries including Consumer Goods and Retail. Its Spend Optimisation solution gives unprecedented visibility into retail activity and effectiveness of pricing discounting events. For more information, contact us onsite at Groceryshop or visit

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