Business Rules

Business Problem

Alice (CPG Trade Promotion Analyst) has been instructed to plan a promotion between 10% and 60% off. Now Alice would like to analyze the data of the promotions that lie between the desired range. Also, depending on time Alice can even change this range which should reflect to her analysis without any headache.

How to know there are no exceptions to Business rules while analyzing the reports ?

There are many rules which must be satisfied while planning promotions and keeping all of them in mind is not possible.


  • Challenges while planning promotions for same product in the same duration.
  • Challenges in defining, modifying and managing business rules.
  • Cannibalization between products while planning promotions.

The SpendO Way

When promotions are planned it must be carefully observed that there are no clashing promotions in the same week for the same product. The amount of discount given in first week and second week should be in such a way that it attracts more customers.

Also, there should be  minimal cannibalization between products while planning the promotions.

It is very tedious to keep referring to a sheet of rules while planning the promotions.

Hence, it is desired that a rule management system helps to track and modify all the business rules from a single interface.

The SpendO provides customized Business Rules to highlight the abnormal data within Planned as well as Sell out Promotions. The SpendO also gives access to Key Users to change the Business Rules as per requirement.

, Business Rules Management

Measuring Impact

  • SpendO gives the planner the ability to define own business rules so as to find the exceptional data.
  • Planners can now extract specific promotions pertaining to business rules in question.
  • Planners can even make dynamic changes to existing business rules with ease.
  • Also, addition of new business rules is very simple based on a single interface.